They call me Kyle. (americanidiot22) wrote,
They call me Kyle.

light bulbs

so me and jess, mitch ,heather went to the park last night. it was fun (oh was it fun).then we went to meet heather's dad and i borrowed a light bulb and then mich stole my light bulb did you hear that mitch stole my light bulb!!! it would of been cool ,but than he broke it. he broke my light bulb,but i love you mitch you can break my light bulb any day.back to things that sound less gay.every time me and jess kissed we got shocked whats up with that.being gay that's it is gay..... ok i'm done wait wait I love my one and only girlfriend jessica.your so cute
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it was the shirt i was wearing and the jacket you were wearing ok!! lol baby you spoil me so much i love you and i wouldnt give you up for anything in the world i dont just love you im in love with you muah love you baby
i love you so much.i don't know what i would do if i didn't have you.You are the most important thing in the world to me baby i love you.
well aint that cute......I LOVE HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in ur face charlie murphy
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