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My names Kyle [entries|friends|calendar]
They call me Kyle.

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in your face [Feb 19th, 2006]
hello!! whats up people. i haven't up dated in like 12 years so i thought i would. oh yea i love you baby i don't know where that came from. dr.....dr.dr.so i got to go now so bye (i'm late i'm late i'm late for a important date no time to say hello goodbye i'm late i'm late i'm late)i like bunny's,but i love jess .oh yeah!!!
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[Feb 4th, 2006]
[ mood | crazy ]

hey everybody its jessica since my baby wont update i'm gonna update for him ok lol but yeah so wut it is homies lol well i g2g byes

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light bulbs [Jan 16th, 2006]
so me and jess, mitch ,heather went to the park last night. it was fun (oh was it fun).then we went to meet heather's dad and i borrowed a light bulb and then mich stole my light bulb did you hear that mitch stole my light bulb!!! it would of been cool ,but than he broke it. he broke my light bulb,but i love you mitch you can break my light bulb any day.back to things that sound less gay.every time me and jess kissed we got shocked whats up with that.being gay that's it is gay..... ok i'm done wait wait I love my one and only girlfriend jessica.your so cute
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love [Jan 16th, 2006]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i love you jessica hays

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im back [Jan 11th, 2006]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I got DSL back(yes)i just well not use dail up. So i'm going out with the most wonderfull girl in the world. AKA jessica hays.she is the best girlfriend i have ever had.Yes even better than her!! yall who know me know who i'm talking about. on to other thing like school and bannanas. ok i can't stop thinking about jessica.(jessica jessica jessicaj essica jessica jessica jessica)Ok i think im good now.I am talking to her right now as i type.ok i stop. so i got stuck in chior thee=es year,but its not that bad i may like it ,but i'm not telling.(naner naner) I no idea way i just i typed that.it well be ok soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, how do yall like my new layout you can think heather she did a grrrrreat job don't you think. well i don't care what you think it is alsome!!!!!!!!!!.

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your mother [Oct 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | confused ]

so i haven posted in like five years but i am bored and i nothing to do the last 8 moths have been pretty mest up i went back out with kathie and i broke up two days a go,but were better off as friends anyway.I've been arrested three times this week for rolling houses,but it was worth it. I've been unhappy with colt lately but were cool now.my i went to church this morning and the person who told me to go wasn't there.you now who you are.i'm going to ride a BFI garbage can now.

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[Dec 14th, 2004]
[ mood | tired ]

I appreciate the concerns of others,but sometimes i would just like to be left alone. Yes allot of stuff has happened and i have had a hard time lately,but every thing well be ok.

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[Dec 10th, 2004]
[ mood | blah ]

i would like to apologize for calling someone a bicth ,i was tring to hid my true feeling

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[Nov 29th, 2004]
klakakkakaka im fixing livejournal
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Whats been going on [Nov 29th, 2004]
[ mood | happy ]

so allot of stuff has been going on since the last time i posted. Ok let see if i can think of all of it. Me and that BICTH broke up and i'm glad, because she treated me like shit any way, so when we broke up i really didn't care. I was really quite glad. SO on to better things to wright about. I got in a band for about three or four weeks and then quit,Because it wasn't going any where. I got in the school jazz band and i'm still in it to this day. I started going out with jessi two weeks ago. Thats when i realized that i have been missing out. we can go any were and do any thing that we want unlike my last girlfriend. you know (her). We don't say her name any more,because she is a bicth and no body likes her. Oh yeah i drive my car in too a ditch. i almost cry ed not because i was hurt because my car was in a ditch!! MY CAR WAS IN A DITCH!! That really sucked. I also got back playing football thats all great and stuff. so thats all that been going on the last few weeks.

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hm.. [Nov 28th, 2004]
yay =)
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