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Whats been going on

so allot of stuff has been going on since the last time i posted. Ok let see if i can think of all of it. Me and that BICTH broke up and i'm glad, because she treated me like shit any way, so when we broke up i really didn't care. I was really quite glad. SO on to better things to wright about. I got in a band for about three or four weeks and then quit,Because it wasn't going any where. I got in the school jazz band and i'm still in it to this day. I started going out with jessi two weeks ago. Thats when i realized that i have been missing out. we can go any were and do any thing that we want unlike my last girlfriend. you know (her). We don't say her name any more,because she is a bicth and no body likes her. Oh yeah i drive my car in too a ditch. i almost cry ed not because i was hurt because my car was in a ditch!! MY CAR WAS IN A DITCH!! That really sucked. I also got back playing football thats all great and stuff. so thats all that been going on the last few weeks.
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